Wedges and floors

We use a flexible, ecological and biodegradable wedges of last generation that provide an elasticity to the shoe, which translates into a feeling of comfort that produces a multiplier effect of comfort when walking.

All floors are non-slip, either in their composition or because they incorporate non-slip parts, which contribute to our shoes being more stable and have a great grip.


The leather is a noble and natural material that lasts over time, soft to the touch, flexible and elastic in its use.

Our skin is tanned following strict quality parameters and respecting the existing legal regulations.

DoctorCutillas analyzes and studies each of the uses that are going to be given to a shoe and develops and adapts skin tanning, to achieve a perfect comfort-quality binomial.

Diabetic Lining

The linings used by DoctorCutillas, both textiles and leather, are 100% natural, which allow us to affirm that our shoes allow natural foot breathability, thus preventing infections and bad odors from occurring.

DoctorCutillas has developed an exclusive structure and internal construction of the shoes, which combined with these linings, allows us to offer a shoe suitable for diabetic people.