Valentine’s Day, the day par excellence of love, is just around the corner. A very special date for all those who have been struck by Cupid’s arrows. It’s time to think about how to surprise that person we love so much with an unforgettable little present.

A perfume, a jewel, a trip? Getting the right gift is not always an easy task, so we recommend that you be attentive to your partner’s personal tastes, or that you remember what your partner has always wanted but has not been able to afford until now.

From Doctor Cutillas we give you ideas to win over that person who fills your life with a non-classical gift. Because love can start in the feet, and there is nothing like the comfort of good shoes to seduce your partner, take note of our advice and share your “I love you” with this comfortable footwear that your delicate feet deserve.



Footwear made of first quality leathers and stretching materials avoiding unnecessary pressures and chafings, bringing as well freedom of movement. Special wide shoes incorporating removable anatomical insoles which allows all kind of orthopedic and/or special insoles.

Elegant and modern stylish shoes and boots, which also includes breathable and thermoregulatory linings that maintains the foot temperature inside, and shock-absorbing soles which provides rest and well-being at each step.

The most romantic date of the year is approaching. Are you still not sure about the gift you are going to give to your lover? If your couple has delicate feet, suffers from foot ailments or simply loves to walk comfortably, in Doctor Cutillas we offer the best solution on this special day.