DOCTOR CUTILLAS arose with the objective of satisfying a latent need within the market; footwear that was not only attractive and elegant, but also extremely comfortable.

From its inception in 1940, our team has worked tirelessly to build DOCTOR CUTILLAS to be the brand that it is today.

The three main qualities of a DOCTOR CUTILLAS shoe are FASHIONQUALITY-COMFORT. That´s why so many women choose and trust our brand. Our shoes adapt to the modern woman´s requirements in terms of quality-look-comfort.


Joaquin Cutillas as part of an espadrilles family of craftsmen, decides to move forward and transform the handcraftsmanship into a footwear factory.

The logistics centre is located in Elche.

The first vulcanised shoe factory is inaugurated in Elche.

The production of footwear with the direct moulded sole system starts.

Restyling of the brand: The DOCTOR CUTILLAS. brand is created.

The 8000 m2 logistics facility is built.

DOCTOR CUTILLAS breaks into the orthopedic sector with a new brand called DOCTOR FLEX.

The first DOCTOR CUTILLAS mono brand shop opens in en Alicante.

The export market is developed by the presence at International fairs.

Commitment to environment through the creation of a new brand: DOCTOR CUTILLAS BE NATURAL

The generational transition is made, with Mr Joaquin Cutillas staying on as honorary president. During the year an intense reorganisation is made within the company. The management team is now specialised and professionalised.

The Export Department is created as exports grows, in order to expand our footwear collection in the international markets.



A family run business but global at the same time, our goal is to produce, in Spain, footwear that has the perfect balance between design,
comfort and quality.

Combining handcraftsmanship with modern production values.

Our purpose is to become a worldwide reference point for fashion and comfort.

We are leading the comfort footwear industry within Spain, having more than 1200 clients nationally.

We have an extensive network of representatives within the country, plus three permanent showrooms in Madrid, Valencia and Alicante.

From our logistics facilities we distribute more than 750.000 pairs of shoes per year. DOCTORCUTILLAS shoes are now available in more than 15 countries.



Our mission is to inspire optimism and contentment through our shoes. DOCTORCUTILLAS collections are aimed at providing footwear for the modern, active woman who values comfort.

The company combines these values with eco-sustainability, not only for legal compliance, but also as the premise for the design of our collections and their production procedures.

To achieve this balance between design, quality and comfort we have three different production centres (all of them located in Spain) and a team of more than 120 employees.

One of the secrets for the success of our family business is the combination of traditional techniques, handed down through the generations, and modern production values. All made possible by a young, dynamic team receptive to both traditional values and modern market demands.

OUR VALUES Doctor Cutillas



  • VULCANISING provides flexibility and durability.
  • DIRECT INJECTION contributes to flexibility, lightness and adaptability.
  • CEMENT LASTING balances design, lightness and comfort.


  • LEATHER: We only use high quality Spanish hides. The finishing processes allow us to maintain the original beauty of the leather
    and emphasise its natural properties.With our leathers we achieve the perfect balance between lustre and flexibility, allowing instant comfort from the first time of wearing.
  • LYCRA: We innovate by creating new Lycra designs exclusive to DOCTOR CUTILLAS.We take advantage of the unique properties that Lycra provides, so we can offer the most flexible and comfortable shoes.Discover the latest thing in adaptability! DOCTOR CUTILLAS Lycras provide softness and special protection against pressure and blisters, in the most sensitive areas of the foot.Once you´ve worn DOCTOR CUTILLAS Lycras you will always remain loyal to them.
  • LININGS: The linings we use at DOCTOR CUTILLAS are made of leather or textile, they´re 100% natural allowing the correct respiration of the shoe, thus avoiding infections or odours.DOCTOR CUTILLAS has created a shoe with an exclusive inner construction that, combined with our linings, allow us to produce our range of diabetic shoes.
  • ERGONOMICS: We have created the ´absolute comfort´ concept. After an intensive and detailed study of the foot, not only regarding its size but also its 3 dimensional aspect, and thus being able to produce footwear offering an exceptional fit.Achieving versatility and adaptability is at the heart of all of our creations.
  • INSOLES/INNER SOLES: MEMORY FOAM insoles treat and relieve the pain in feet that have lost their fat pads. They provide a perfect environment for the foot, adding extra impact absorption while walking.NATURAL CORK insoles from DOCTORCUTILLAS are handcrafted. Their components are 100% natural and hypoallergenic. They are anatomical insoles that cannot be deformed, thus providing a better support to the footprint.THERMOFORMED insoles instantly recover their shape, with high performance in impact OUR VALUES absorption. This offers a unique feeling of comfort while walking, avoiding injury and straining in joints and muscles.
  • SECOTEX is a water-proof system created exclusively by DOCTOR CUTILLAS.  SECOTEX is a membrane that allows the one way movement of water, avoiding humidity and bad smells within the shoe. It avoids the absorption of water while allowing the shoe
    to breathe.
  • INNOVATION AND CREATIVITY. Our design and development team are always receptive to the needs and requirements of the market. This allows us to create our exclusive and innovative collections. It has been a long, arduous journey that has led to the entirely unique brand that is DOCTOR CUTILLAS.