A proper footwear can help prevent many foot problems. Especially in summer, when we have to increase their care because of the high temperatures. For this reason, our feet need more ventilation, being convenient to change to a more open and breathable type of footwear.

Maintaining healthy feet in the summer is no easy task. With the heat, shoes can become our worst enemy, causing chafing, calluses, heavy legs (a condition that affects three out of ten women) and even spine, hip and knee problems.

Selecting the right footwear in summer is crucial, as this decision will have a direct impact on the health of our feet.

At this time of year it is important to hydrate your feet well and choose the right footwear to avoid potential problems or discomfort that prevent us from enjoying the holidays. Beach, mountain, a cruise or a tourist trip, whatever our destination, the decision is essential.

Beyond aesthetics or fashion, it is important to choose comfortable and quality shoes. That also offer a good support to our feet to walk without discomfort. Those shoes are completely flat and without any kind of anatomical shape that usually generate discomfort when walking, as well as significant pain in feet, heels and joints if used very often.

In addition, the footwear must have a good support so that our feet do not swing. And it should be chosen based on our podiatric condition. For example, a person suffering from flat feet or orthopedic problems should choose shoes with special insoles, shoes with a wide last or anatomical shoes instead of any shoes that are simply pretty.

Doctor Cutillas helps you maintain healthy feet in summer.

Choosing footwear that respects the anatomy of the feet will allow us to enjoy healthy steps and gain quality of life. Keep in mind that certain models, such as flip flops, should be used to go to the beach or travel short distances and not in a constant way, as they do not offer good support to our feet.

Other details to take into account in summer footwear is that it allows proper air circulation and has a good system for evacuating sweat. This will prevent infections, fungus and other health problems in our feet resulting from moisture accumulation.

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