Although high heels are considered a symbol of feminity and elegance, their continued use may carry certain health risks. The key is the height. As we increase the height of the heel, the body weight shifts forward.

This unequal distribution of weight modifies the body’s natural posture and the consequences on your health are triggered. Apart from joint problems, shortening of the Achilles tendon or other damages to the legs or back, the main cause of painful feet when wearing heel is the instant effect of the charge in weight distribution on the sole.

Scientific studies show that when we are barefoot, 75% of the weight is borne by the heel and 25% by the forefoot. “As heel height increases, these percentages vary”, explain the General Council of Official College of Chiropodists.

As the heel rises, the body weight moves from the heel to the instep. With a heel of 4 cm, for example, the heel only supports 50% of the weight, while the rest falls on the front. In the same way, the pressure on the cushion grows at the same rate as the heel height.

In addition, this unnatural distribution can end up irreversibly modifying the morphology of our feet, since when using heels the instep is subjected to a pressure higher than that which naturally corresponds to it.

However, a completely flat shoe is not the shoe recommended by experts either. Walking completely flush with the ground can cause plantar fasciitis and cause the arches of the foot to fall. If the sole is extremely thin, flat shoes can cause heel pain, as well as pathologies in the tendons of the foot, toes or nails.

So what kind of footwear should we wear? The one that is comfortable and does not imply an extra effort for the biomechanics of the foot. In conclusion, the lower the heel, the more comfortable it is, in fact there is a height considered “perfect” for experts, the one for heels of 3.5 cm.

In Doctor Cutillas we take care of you so you can find that ideal height for footwear recommended by podiatrists. Footwear designed in that minimum height that guarantees the optimal plantar rest assuring a balanced distribution of the weight, providing a fantastic sensation of rest and well-being.