Most of us, when buying shoes, let ourselves be carried away by their style, design and colour, but most of the time we overlook one of the most important characteristics: comfort. As experts in comfortable shoes, we believe that not enough emphasis is placed on the importance of this aspect to our health. For this reason, on this occasion we want to dedicate this space to discover the health benefits of Doctor Cutillas’ comfortable shoes.

Why is it so important for health to choose comfortable shoes?

The feet, formed by a multitude of small bones, muscles and ligaments, are the support of our body and the basis of our posture. They are what transport us and keep us upright. Their correct support and alignment allow us to have better balance and stability. However, despite being one of the most important parts of our body, they are not given the attention and care they need, suffering the consequences of our bad habits. According to data provided by the Spanish Association of Foot and Ankle Medicine and Surgery, 70% of the population suffers from some kind of foot problem, which could have been prevented.

Inappropriate footwear not only directly affects the wellbeing of the foot, it can also impact on the functioning and health of the joints, the spine, or the neck. In fact, it is well known that many foot deformities and pathologies of the locomotive and circulatory systems are the result of having used bad shoes for long periods of time. A comfortable shoe, designed on the basis of ergonomic criteria and with quality materials, such as Doctor Cutillas, will provide us with the care and rest we need.

What advantages does Doctor Cutillas’ footwear bring to our health?

Buying comfortable shoes from Doctor Cutillas brings us many advantages, and it is not only the pleasant sensation of comfort that they bring us. Our shoes have special characteristics that take care of our feet. By providing a healthy footprint, they contribute to the correct functioning of the joints and the circulatory system. In short, when we invest in comfortable and quality footwear, like Doctor Cutillas’, we are investing in our own health. Here is why:

1. Prevents foot ailments

According to specialists, choosing the wrong shoes can end up damaging your foot with scrapes, blisters, corns, bunions or deformities, such as claw toes or plantar fasciitis. It can even lead to serious injuries such as sprained ankles, falls in older people, and joint or back pain. The best way to prevent these discomforts and ailments in the feet is to opt for comfortable footwear, which adapts to our feet (and not the other way round), made from soft, flexible and breathable leather and/or textiles, and which incorporate shock-absorbing soles and offer an optimum distribution of plantar pressure.

2. Contributes to improving our body posture

Poor choice of shoes can affect our body posture. When we wear the right shoes, it is much easier to maintain a natural posture, without affecting our joints and muscles. When buying shoes you should take into account their three sizes: length, width and height, as our feet are three-dimensional and very different from each other. Suitable footwear must respect the anatomy of the foot, its length and width at all levels, dress the foot without deforming the gait, and ensure static and dynamic balance.

3. Improving the blood circulation process

Footwear must respect arterial and venous circulation. When shoes are uncomfortable or tight, they can affect blood circulation causing swelling of the feet and legs and inflammation of the veins. Comfortable shoes, like those of Doctor Cutillas, will favour the venous return and avoid the appearance of edemas and varicose vein problems.