The new Autumn-Winter Collection 2020-21 by Doctor Cutillas is finally here! Discover all trends of this season designed by the expert brand on comfortable shoes Doctor Cutillas, to dress impeccably and enjoy maximum comfort. Modern and attractive styles designed with innovative technologies to provide cushioning, stability and a smooth walk. Don’t miss the experience of wearing this exceptional footwear!

Technology and craftmanship come together in Doctor Cutillas.

Doctor Cutillas takes care of all details involved in the manufacture of the shoe to always guarantee outstandig results. Each one of our models begins with a hand design that is finally transformed into a comfortable and a fashionable shoe. To achieve such a quality, we must remain faithful to our principles which is betting on a craft philosophy mixed with the best raw materials. Since 1975 we have been making our shoes following these traditional guidelines that define us, whilst not losing sight of the most innovative technologies in the industry, which are always present in our manufacture.

Find comfortable and elegant shoes in the new collection of Doctor Cutillas.

A good shoe is crucial for the daily life at Doctor Cutillas and we know it very well, so we design shoes combining comfort and elegance. In the new Autumn-Winter collection you will find pumps, sneakers and discreet and sophisticated booties to any occasion. Do you have a business meeting? A shopping day? A meeting with your friends? Every occasion is suitable to wear your Doctor Cutillas!. Enjoy the flexibility of the lightness of Doctor Cutillas, make every step a walk pleasure.

Ergonomic footwear adapted naturally to your feet.

Due to our special widths, the foot is loose inside but well fastened, in order to avoid frictions. Moreover the shoes of Doctor Cutillas always have outsoles which are cushioning the foot when walking adding as well removable anatomical insoles. Thanks to this wide fitting you can adapt all kind of othopaedic and/or special insoles. If you suffer from foot pain, our shoes are the solutions to bring relief, rest and well-being. Let your feet take a break, this winter wear elegant and comfortable shoes, put your feet on Doctor Cutillas’ hands.