Maximize your comfort with Doctor Cutillas’ ErgoGel Gel Insoles.

Have you ever heard of Gel Insoles? If you are one of those people who suffer from discomfort in feet, legs, ankles, knees and/or lumbars, you should know that there are resources available to increase your comfort and cushion impacts, for example, acquire ErgoGel insoles from Doctor Cutillas and use them daily.

There are multiple benefits that we obtain when using the Doctor Cutillas’ ErgoGel Gel Insoles, among them is the reduction of the impact that our joints receive when walking. This leads to less tension and less muscle fatigue, allowing us to enjoy a longer full performance of our activities.

The human foot is an engineering work of nature.

Feet are the base on which our body is sustained. Their physiognomy, their amplitude, their length and the shape of the toes allow us to walk, run, jump, dance and stay upright. Their shape and our way of stepping has repercussions not only on our feet, but on our whole body. They are in charge of coordinating movements, balance and maneuverability. They have 26 bones, 32 joints, 19 muscles and over a hundred ligaments. As Leonardo Da Vinci would say in the 15th century “the human foot is an engineering work of nature”.

But like any architectural work, although the feet are a solid base, to support all the weight of our body, its structure of bones, ligaments and elastic tendons, can wear them out daily. Over years our feet change and suffer deformations. As a person ages, their feet tend to open, and they lose the fat pads that cushion the sole of the foot. The extra weight can affect the structure of the bones and ligaments. Older people, therefore, should measure their feet more frequently when choosing footwear, rather than assuming that their shoe size remains constant.

Say goodbye to foot pain with Doctor Cutillas’ Gel ErgoGel insoles.

Doctor Cutillas’ ErgoGel Gel Insoles are ergonomically adapted to the physiology of the foot, absorbing the impacts of walking. They are good allies to combat tired feet, as they provide cushioning and softness by reducing tension in feet, legs, knees, ankles and lumbar. They allow a correct distribution of body weight, relieving pressure points and preventing many injuries and discomfort. They provide a safe support to the foot when walking, helping us to maintain stability and good posture. In addition, thanks to its anatomical design at the bottom, they do not slip once placed.

Throughout the day we have an endless number of activities that finally take their toll on our feet. The feeling of having tired feet can disappear if you start using the Doctor Cutillas ErgoGel insoles. The soft gel with which they are designed relieves pressure and provides the feeling of lightness you need. If every day you dream of the moment you come home to take off your shoes, you need an urgent remedy. From Doctor Cutillas we give you the key to put aside the discomfort, what are you waiting for? Doctor Cutillas ErgoGel Insoles are created for tired feet. If this is your case, don’t hesitate to try them on!