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Doctor Cutillas sandals are designed for maximum comfort and are the perfect choice for walking on the hottest days without sacrificing fashion and style. Find the ideal model that fits your feet and your personal style. In our collection you can choose between wedge sandals, heel sandals, or flat sandals, available in discreet colors and innovative finishes.

Lightweight sandals that turn every step into a gentle pleasure. With a special width, the foot is loose inside, but well held to avoid friction and injury. In addition, they incorporate soles that cushion the foot and removable anatomical insoles allowing them to adapt all types of orthopedic and / or special insoles.

In Doctor Cutillas we are specialists in the design and manufacture of comfortable shoes and sandals for delicate feet. If you suffer from foot pain, our sandals are the solution to give you relief, rest and well-being. Don’t suffer another summer! It’s time to enjoy the footwear that takes care of your feet, it’s time to put your feet in the hands of Doctor Cutillas.