The long-awaited Autumn-Winter 2019-20 collection of Doctor Cutillas is here. Discover the novelties that the brand specialized in comfortable footwear has designed for you this season. Different styles that allow you to dress impeccably and enjoy maximum comfort at any time of day.

Choose Fashion, Choose Comfort, Choose Doctor Cutillas

Doctor Cutillas shoes stand for quality. They are designed and manufactured in Spain through handcrafted processes and under a careful selection of materials designed for the most delicate feet. A safe bet for women who are looking for a comfortable, elegant shoe with a modern design.

Doctor Cutillas’ Autumn-Winter 2019-2020 collection

In the new Doctor Cutillas’ Autumn-Winter 2019-2020 collection you will find elegant and modern shoes and boots in which comfort prevails, guaranteeing that something as simple and natural as walking is always a pleasure. A wide selection of footwear that is distinguished by providing a soft tread and an optimal and natural fit thanks to the use of soft leathers of maximum quality and special widths, providing a perfect adaptation to the foot.

Doctor Cutillas takes care of your feet and your health

Health starts with the feet and there is no doubt that good footwear improves our quality of life. Under this premise, Doctor Cutillas incorporates insoles that correctly distribute the weight of the body and soles that provide cushioning, providing safe support and helping to maintain stability and good body posture.

Find in Doctor Cutillas the footwear you need this Autumn-Winter 2019-2020

Doctor Cutillas footwear is designed to help you maintain a good body posture. In addition, we bet for the creation of flexible footwear and with a great lightness, that in spite of its sturdy look, contribute the incredible sensation of barefoot. If you are looking for a beautiful woman’s footwear, with personality, and above all comfortable, Doctor Cutillas has the footwear you need. Don’t wait any longer, discover our new Autumn-Winter 2019-2020 Collection and give to your feet the comfort they need!