The upcoming events: Weddings, Christenings and Communions are about to start. In the face of this drive for celebrations is necessary to wear a “dress code” in keeping with the event, therefore the perfect guest must have in the wardrobe elegant garments and accessories.

Within Doctor Cutillas’ Spring-Summer collection you can find these comfort and elegant shoes that you need to have on these special dates to suit your styling and wear splendid. Wedge sandals and 4cm low-heeled shoes are perfect to enjoy any celebration without suffering the pain of those discomfort high heels.

Footwear made of first quality leathers, soft materials and flexible stretch that prevents from strains and chafings, bringing freedom of movement. Special width shoes with removable anatomical insoles accommodating all types of orthopedic and / or special insoles.

Elegant and modern stylish shoes and sandals, which also include breathable linings and thermoregulators that balance the internal foot temperature, shock-absorving soles that provide rest and well-being step by step. Such a luxury 100% “Made in Spain” to impeccably complete your outfits during this “special events” season.